About Lara

My love for movement and the body began at a very early age. My father, who remains my inspiration was in the Lebanese army and a daily workout was compulsory. During my formative years an understanding and appreciation of a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet was instilled in the Hassan household and is with me to this day!

I remember picking up a yoga book in my teens and that’s when my interest began.

I practiced the moves and absolutely loved the philosophy, which kickstarted my fitness career when I moved to London in 2000, initially building up my private clients before opening my first studio nine years later.

Teaching yoga was my aim, but I also wanted to learn the physiology of the body prior to this and the I believed the wisdom of teaching yoga is something we get through experience. Since then, I’ve worked as a personal trainer, training globally and learning alongside some of the best teachers in the industry including Julia Horvath, Jay Grimes, Peter Fiasca and Brooke Siler.

I embrace a wealth of methods, specifically those that remain authentic and undiluted for instance original Pilates,

Developing a deep insight on how our bodies work and understanding of movement. I’ve built a strong client base, notably musician Sting who I’ve been working with for almost twelve years. I joined him during his 2007 The Police Tour which resulted in interviews with major TV networks and my contribution to a range of high-end and wellness publications around the world.

Then I launched the body by Lara studio in 2016. To me, it’s just as important to engage people’s mind while they perform an exercise, as it is to engage their body.

My approach encourages clients to understand movement connections which takes them beyond looking good. It opens up their mind to another dimension of practice. I believe that we are all capable to of moving beautifully if we have the right guidance. That is what I offer to clients. Injury free, dance and fitness workouts to get the body strong and the mind active.

When we work together, I tap into the intelligence of the body using various forms of fitness, exercise science and movement based training methods including Pilates, Garuda, Barre and callanetics all of which I’ve been teaching for years.

I embrace an holistic approach to wellbeing. Our daily diets and nutritional choices shape who we are and my objective is to encourage people to embrace and make positive changes confidently through fitness, wellbeing and beauty tips, food advice and recipes.

As a body expert with almost twenty years of experience, I’ve trained and taught many workouts, helping clients with a variety of body types to improve their shape and performance. I currently work with professional ballerinas which adds another dimension to my career in the fitness world.

Each body is unique and similarly the way each person receives instructions is also different. Some are more visual than others, some are less coordinated and so on. What interests me in addition to transforming bodies, is movement connections and guiding the clients on how to find them. Each exercise works every muscle in the body and trains the mind to stay focused and alert to those connections. The result is a strong, sculpted and agile body.

My outlook is simple, I don’t teach anything just because it’s trendy. I teach and train in what I define to be a good workout for the individual. But of course, what makes a good workout? For me, it’s a thorough workout which challenges the mind and body, improving overall health, strength, flexibility and brain function. Ultimately it’s a safe workout which gives optimum results and is hopefully backed by science.

Clients with injuries reach out to me because I enjoy fixing the body. I work with rehab & injury, pre and post natal, young and old. I enjoy it all.

A balanced workout should be varied. My method integrates movements which offers the clients every aspect of fitness, strength, stretch, & cardio fitness.

Body by Lara is a workout combining the benefits of Pilates, the athleticism and grace of dance, the coordination and flow of boxing and martial arts, and the fat burn of circuit training. The workout improves posture, creates definition and muscle shaping without bulk, the moves are safe on the joints, where strength is built without compromising on form.