A body transformation class which will make your body heat up, burn calories, define and sculpt your entire body while improving your posture and flexibility.


BDS uses the barre, your own body weight and light weight resistance,1.5/2.0kgs hand weights, resistance bands, sliders and ankle weights to create a long, lean, strong body.
BDS sequences each class so that you’re constantly challenged at every level.

The class integrates movement based workouts which get you sweaty, core sculpting moves &  Lara’s own adaptation of the barre technique & Pilates based  resistance training. You will pulse, lift, tone & burn while you lengthen & stretch each muscle targeted.

It is a workout which helps you to redesign your body into a better shape ; it is fun & empowering ,designed to improve every aspect of fitness. A strong & sculpted body. good posture, balanced muscular structure,  agility, vitality & flexibility.  You will leave feeling confident & strong .

For bookings please go to: https://bodybylara.co.uk/contact/