Body by Lara Method

The base of my research is on the link between exercise and antiaging since it has become a worldwide obsession and on how exercise affects the body on a cellular level; body by lara is the outcome.

My aim is to bring in cardio interval training to movement based exercise methods such as pilates, garuda, gyrotonic, barre and callanetics .

High intensity interval training beats conventional cardio as the most effective form of exercise, it provides health benefits one can not get from regular aerobics, such as a tremendous boost in human growth hormone(HGH) which is anti-aging ; significant reduction in total abdominal fat, trunk and visceral fat.

Immediate, measurable change in DNA. Immediate genetic activation that increases production of fat busting enzymes.

It helps improving blood sugar regulation, so it is great for people who suffer from diabetes.

However, high intensity work could be hard on the joints for those who do not have a sound knowledge to use their body or for those who have gone past a certain age, and they still need to do cardio. Pilates and core work that is involved in the method there will be no risk on the joints. Gyrotonic, garuda and add the three dimensional movement patterns and the beautiful qualities that dance has.

Think interval training and circuits that run through the body using exercises from the methods I have been teaching for years.

It is the method based on what works for people physically and mentally.

face yoga and facial muscle training complement what I do in helping people feel and look good .

The results are fantastic : a sculpted physique, Improved posture , a flexible and agile body.

Here are a few words by Sting about her teaching technique:

“before i started practicing pilates, i used to say half jokingly that staying in shape was 50% discipline and 50% vanity, now i realize what I hadn’t factored in was a sizeable proportion of science. having that science explained and demonstrated by a practitioner as precise and cogent as Lara Hassan allowed me to progress beyond just “staying in shape”, and to a clearer understanding of how my body actually works, and that’s no joke.”