Rethinking exercise

Rethinking exercise

The idea of staying at home for months would’ve seemed so alien to us back in 2019. We have somehow adapted to this new reality and learnt how to live with limited choices.

Our daily habits, health and safety have all been compromised, nevertheless, we have managed to find joy in new found experiences such as spending time with family, catching up on DIY, going outdoors and cooking at home.

I personally find it difficult to be inactive and at the same time I enjoy my own company. I read and play around with exercise combinations, often wondering where the time went!

I managed to keep myself busy training some of my clients who didn’t give up on exercise, and I also started live classes on Instagram, which I have been doing weekly. In addition to body by Lara Instagram, I have been doing live classes on rumble gym Instagram and on r house Instagram.

I must say it’s been wonderful to keep active, have a structure and a routine I’m excited about. 

Virtual training has been a life saviour for many. There has been no better time to start exercising and make health your priority. Exercise not only boosts your mood & makes you look good, it can help fight diabetes, heart disease and age decline in our muscular and nervous system. Building muscle can boost your brain. Strength training, according to studies, seems to trigger the release of several brain chemicals and boosts the health of neurons helping them to communicate, grow and resist age-related decline.  All these contribute to a healthier brain. 

I invite you to join my live workouts on my Instagram @bodybylara. And if you haven’t been exercising and need my support let’s workout on Skype until we can see each other again.

My plans with setting up a studio remain on hold for the time being. Hopefully soon, we will all get a better idea about the new normal.

I will post workouts soon, which I have filmed, for those who are interested in online the meantime you can visit my YouTube channel to exercise with me anytime you want.

Send me messages and update me about your recent months and experience, as I would be delighted to hear from you.