Tracey Mallet interview

What you should know about barre workouts.
Q&A with Tracey Mallet the founder of booty barre.

With Booty Barre, will people visiting the class regularly see an increase in buttock size, or more toning of the natural shape of their buttocks?
They will see toning of their natural booty shape and will see their glute muscles lift to give them an elegant lifted rear.

You can, of course, answer this as well, but how many classes per week should one attend to see solid results? How long does it normally take to see your body change?
I would recommend at least 2-3 classes a week. I believe you will start to see results in three weeks if you are consistently doing the classes.

How does Barre compare to yoga?
Bootybarre is more movement based, we are moving to the beat of the music. Plus, it’s focused on not just flexibility but strength and cardiovascular endurance.

How many calories is one expected to burn, on average, in a Barre class?
Between 500-700 calories

How do Barre studios vary? It seems like each of them offers pretty different classes. Is Booty Barre focused more on the booty than others may be? (As you know.. booty is everything these days in the aesthetics world).

No bootybarre is total body, it’s a total fusion of strength, active flexibility and aerobic conditioning.  Out foundation is Pilates that focused on good controlled movement coming from the abdominals. I believe Pilates is the foundation to fitness as ballet is to dance. Our goal is to have fun but alsotracey_mallet_02