Training like a celebrity

Lara’s interview on sayidaty magazine.

Exercise helps you to focus and brings discipline to one’s life. A discipline that anyone with a demanding job needs, including Sting.
On tour, Sting works out twice a day. The first session is Pilates at 9.30 daily, on the reformer that he brings with him all over the world; the evening session is a mixture of core work and stretching to help him get rid of any tension and bring correct breathing and balance back to his body. Sometimes we start the session with walking uphill in Tuscany, the place he calls his spiritual home.
My advice is to find a trainer to give you a routine that works for your body and needs. The trainer will advise how and when you should exercise.
It is important to choose an exercise that balances out what you do in your daily life. A stressful job requires something like yoga or tai chi. A job where you sit at your desk for long hours can cause back pain, so Pilates would be a great way to get fit, or running to de-stress.
For Sting, nutrition is highly important. While touring, he follows a strict macrobiotic diet that consists only of organically grown and seasonal food. Sting grows his own vegetables at home. When homegrown produce isn’t available, it is procured from local farms, which he supports religiously.
My advice is to eat only organic food that doesn’t have pesticides and promotes health and well-being. Food should be used as a medicine and cure. At the end of the day, you are what you eat. Be mindful about what you choose to put in your bod
Exercise is important for general well-being. Pilates especially works like an internal shower and a massage for the organs. The benefits are many. Breathing and coordination, a better posture and a strong core that we all need.
Pilates is definitely anti-aging! The breathing and circulation nourishes the cells, keeps them regenerating and helps get rid of the toxins that are caused by stress and pollution. Joseph Pilates used to say if your spine is flexible and you are 60, you are young!
Sting is 62 years old and he looks fantastic for his age. He has great stamina and manages the rigorous schedule touring and performing on stage for months. That can only happen with exercise.
Pilates is important for longevity, enhances sexual performance and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which are part of the core. When the pelvic floor muscles are strong you will be able to increase tension, master movements and orgasms.
It is definitely empowering to be able to contract and release these muscles.
Pilates breathing brings oxygenated blood to the muscles faster, which helps improve stamina that could result in prolonged sex and fertility.
It is a mind and body system, so there is the mental component. Pilates gives you increased flexibility in the hips and joint stability to perform various positions.
It is also known to help with erectile dysfunctions.
Sting has a very strong mind and is extremely clever. He is not afraid to try any form of exercise, provided that it agrees with his body and what it needs.
My advice is to vary your workouts, be brave, explore your body’s potential, ask questions, and get informed. A healthy mind can only live in a healthy body.
Make fitness a lifestyle rather than a once a week activity and you will see the change you have always wanted.