What does it mean to be healthy?


Nutrients found in your diet determine the way your cells develop, but what does it mean to be healthy?

A balanced diet with sufficient nutrients contributes to your wellbeing and it enhances your mood. A healthy mind can only live in a healthy body, which is what I define as “optimal health”.

Eating a balanced diet rich in fresh, organic &seasonal food keeps you looking young and energetic. Our brain development requires certain nutrients and so does our skin, hair, muscles& bones. Pesticides and additives in food cause illness many of us aren’t aware of. Whatever you eat affects not only the way you look, but also how you react to things in life.

Good food is about improving your life, your self, you body, your temper and your potential. Too much acidity in your body will make you feel stressed and cause inflammation; a balanced diet should make your body more alkaline which helps reverse signs of ageing and reduce illness. Take sugar for example, a diet rich in sugary foods affects your temper, your insulin levels and cause cravings, which lead to weight gain. Too much coffee and tea can stop your body from absorbing iron found in food. Green vegetables help reduce acidity and balance your mood. So then,

What is good food?

It is food, which grows in the earth and has not been tampered with by technology. It is organic, seasonal and fresh from local farms. It is definitely not what comes out of a package, which is usually saturated with preservatives and contains artificial colourings.

It is your natural medicine. You may workout every day, but if you feed yourself bad food, your body will not be healthy or fit. You can’t be lazy when it comes to food or diet; think of it as an investment, you would be saving huge hospital bills by simply eating well and living healthily.

Food is everywhere in our life. If you want to have good health, you just need to be interested and make the effort. Optimal health is a strong immune system in a healthy and agile body. It is your best asset.

Changes in diet and lifestyle don’t have to be drastic. Change your habits & start taking charge of your body & health.