What is the barre workout?

Thanks to Lotte Berk, Barre madness took the fitness world by storm. Berk, with twenty years of experience in modern ballet, paved the way for many fitness instructors and movement practitioners to turn into barre work. Years later the barre “buzz” doesn’t seem to be fading out. Celebrities swear by it; Sarah Jessica parker showed a sculpted body in Sex and the City, a body that inspired women to ditch the gym and sign up for barre classes .A recent convert is Gigi Hadid who posted on her Instagram “ we are no ballerinas but we try”.  Gigi is infamous for her regular exercise sessions boxing and Barre workouts.

So what’s the deal? Does it really change one’s figure?

First lets go back to basics: according to science, music is known to stimulate pleasure in our brain and so does movement. Barre classes are choreographed, sequenced and taught following a certain frequency or beats per minute. The ballet based dance moves in a barre class are challenging, empowering both physically and mentally. The more you practice the better your performance is and the more graceful you look while performing movement.

Entice those who want to be more graceful whilst performing movement.

The body:

Ballet dancers are known for their beautiful postures, strong core, long and lean legs and for many, their flexibility is a dream that is almost impossible to achieve.

I am a big fan of barre fitness; I have taught and practiced barre for few years now. After doing a bit of research I signed up for a teacher training run by Tracey mallet the founder of booty barre method.

Tracey’s background in Pilates and dance attracted me to booty barre; a balanced workout combines elements of strength, flexibility and metabolic training for fat burn with the element of fun!

During the training I felt challenged and sometimes pushed to my limit while performing the cardio intervals that kept getting repeated through out the class.

Cardio workouts are great to train the heart; they help improve lung capacity and metabolism. Cardio training is what makes the body use those carbs as fuel and melt layers of fat residing under the skin. The Ballet inspired moves strengthen and tone the body all over starting from the feet. Core work is an integral part of each and every move. Working the belly in a barre class is far more interesting and challenging than in another workouts. You will work your belly in standing postures, plyometric exercises and floor work. When the abdominals are used correctly, the spine gets the support it needs allowing the body to move free of tension and ease.

Postural problems are often a result of bad distribution of the weight of the body. Loss of springiness in the feet can affect the way we walk, run and stand in our daily life. Barre work trains and stretches your lower leg muscles providing you with the muscular strength you need to defy gravity while improving gait and balance. Barre work takes care of your feet and your whole body!


Barre is fantastic for weight loss: Interval training has been proven to benefit exercisers by allowing them to burn more calories in a shorter period of time, in addition to improving aerobic capacity and cardiovascular strength at a much faster pace when compared with other forms of training. Long and monotonous training sessions are no longer needed to get rid of belly or thigh fat.

If you want to fit into your skinny jeans, have killer legs and a peachy bottom you must try barre!

Aerobic activity is a key factor in getting rid of cellulite. As you continue to attend class, you will begin to build more lean muscle mass, raising your metabolic rate, which can help you produce more energy and burn more calories therefore reduce fat. The seatwork is very callanetics –like, frequent repetition of small muscular movements and squeezes that tone and lifts the butt.

The range of motion in the exercises performed varies through out the class. Bigger moves like Grand battement and arabesque challenge both strength and flexibility while smaller movements work the muscles needed to perform those movements with a bigger range.

Barre workouts improve your flexibility and improve your bone density with variety of weight bearing exercises. The instructor will give different progressions and modifications for those who are willing to take the challenge.

While classes are challenging and fun, if you are a beginner or you are suffering from an injury, make sure you let the instructor know to help you maintain the correct alignment and avoid injuries.

Some classes focus on tucking the pelvis, which can be harmful for the lower back area or someone with poor abdominals and a weak back. You must go through the progressions according to your level to ensure that you get the most out of your workout.

Barre fitness has changed the fitness world and it is here to stay. In a time- thirsty world where we rush from A to B, Barre classes are the perfect workout that could save you time and help you get your dream body. Combined with a Pilates workout and a healthy diet, you can improve the way you look and feel empowered throughout the day.


You don’t need to be a ballerina to go to barre. It is a workout for everyone.


Lara has recenty launched her new studio in brompton road at matt Roberts personal training studio, where she offers a variety of pilates and barre classes .

Barre classes at body by lara studio are movement based: the aim is to lengthen, strengthen and sculpt the body without putting risk on joints or adding bulk.

The cardio intervals are pilates and garuda based. Exercises are performed without compromising the form , the objective is to elongate the muscles, improve muscle tone, posture and flexibility.

The sequencing of the callanetic- type exercises trims the waistline and lifts the butt to make it look round and firm.

The pilates tower springs are used in addition to small props for resistance training. All of which helps to improve metabolism, sweat, loose weight , improve coordination and balance.