What is your ultimate exercise motivation? 


When we are fit and strong the body is capable of doing so many wonderful things. It is actually a lot of fun! Your mental focus improves not just when you exercise but in everything you do.

Enjoying your body while you work out helps you to stay motivated long-term. Find a goal that means something to you. Perhaps you exercise to improve your posture and flexibility, or you just want to improve your mood after some cardio. It is important to feel great in your body and maintain a healthy approach to fitness.

The truth is when exercise is only about looking good, it can have negative affects. You might end up pushing yourself too hard or doing something that’s not suitable for your body type which can harm you. I see so many people rushing to high intensity classes, I look around there are so many wrong postures while performing exercises, I wonder How long is it going to be before they acknowledge the pain in their joints ..

if your knees hurt stop!

If your back is getting less flexible try mixing things up. Add a Pilates or yoga class to your weekly routine to get balanced workout.

I love to sweat but I know very well body mechanics and how to use my body correctly. Don’t be afraid to ask your trainer to help you find the correct alignment after class, they will be happy to help. Your relationship to movement and exercise should be about your body’s needs. Exercise is about understanding your body and working with what you have no against it.

Be kind to your body, exercise intelligently.

Know your body’s needs, set some exciting goals and go for it. ask advice ALWAYS!

Your body will thank you for it in the long term.