COOKING: A Form Of Meditation

COOKING: A Form Of Meditation

Apr 04, 2023 / By Ana Cortes

I think cooking can be the ultimate act of self-care. It can be a mindful activity if you want it to be because you can mentally hone in and get involved in the meal that you’re cooking.

You can focus on textures, sensations, and smells. Certainly, anything we do that means we’re thinking, focusing, and surrounding ourselves in a sensory environment can be beneficial for our mental health.

The kitchen can be a place of peace and quiet. Repetitive tasks are a form of meditation- chopping an onion, stirring a pot of hot soup, making meatballs. Standing in the kitchen can help you let go of long days and the daily stress, and finally, be carefree for the day.

A pot of basil can bring a certain pleasure. You don’t even have to cook with it, just crush the leaves in your hands, cup them to your face and breathe in deeply.