Body by Lara Method

Lara Hassan, a renowned trainer based in the UK, has travelled the world training clients and giving workshops. Now, she offers her method to everyone.

Lara has spent years developing her method, which integrates movement-based workout techniques designed to get you sweaty and sculpt your body into a stronger and better shape. The result is a balanced body that moves with ease, a stronger core and better posture.

We are all different in our physicality and makeup. My goal is to deliver workouts that are inclusive, to benefit all body types and needs. I use the barre, the floor, weights, pilates springs, elastic bands and gliders to challenge the body, build up muscular strength, control and definition.

My workout concepts are designed to complement each other allowing streamers to choose easily based on daily personal needs.

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The Membership

The Body by Lara membership includes access to the library, with new workouts and workout plans being added on a regular basis, and the ability to stream library content any time you like. Body by Lara TV and blog are accessible to everyone. In order to access the Virtual studio where live workouts are streamed, you will need to create an account. Virtual classes can be purchased individually, or as a package. Membership is not required to join Lara’s live workouts.

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Welcome to my channel. I am so glad you decided to join my workout programmes and take this first step in your body transformation journey. Body by Lara is a channel about your body in motion. It is for those who are looking for targeted workouts to achieve a certain goal, be it to improve athletic performance or aesthetics, to gain overall strength or to recover from an injury.
The workouts are strategically choreographed and designed to sculpt and reshape the body, without compromising posture and joint health. While consistency is the primary factor in the body transformation process, switching the focus to different body parts daily, will give your muscles the recovery time needed without stopping completely.
Years of studying the body and working with clients with different body types or needs, I have put together a series of workouts to answer those needs and try to help you go through that change you are looking for.
Together we will work on creating a program for your body transformation. Transformation is possible, all you need is to be determined and persistent, to set your goals and be patient. Furthermore, to remind yourself of how wonderful it is to be alive, and capable of anything!
I thank you all for being here.

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