Cooking for self care journey

Cooking for self care journey

May 31, 2023 / By Ana Cortes

Cooking with joy is something magical.  
Thoughtful, considered, always delicious food to be enjoyed in solitude or shared with others. Recipes, moments and ideas come together to create a joyful moment from the hands-on craft to the end result.
A lifelong pleasure made up of the spontaneous spirit of fresh thinking cook.

Cooking old favourites are part of the rhythm of life, but making new recipes will give you a tingly sensation down your spine.

We, as cooks, have done great food, good food and food we wish we hadn’t even started thinking about, but the appetite and curiosity that is within us keep us excited to create.

Whether you cook for your family, friends, or just for yourself, always enjoy it.
Enjoy every bit of the process, because “cooking is an art full of creativity, where you dance in your kitchen, mix your imagination with a twist and put together a delicious meal.”

Cooking is more than just bringing something to the table at the end of the day; it is about the joy it brings.